Orange Class (Year 5)


Welcome to the Orange Class (Year 5) page!

Welcome to Orange class. In the morning the year 5 children are taught by Mrs Harwood.

Orange Class have settled well into their new classroom. It is bright, colourful and exciting.
‘It’s really big !’ ‘I love it !’

Curriculum Information Orange Class Spring 2018

February 16th 2018

In Orange Class we have been learning how to estimate area of irregular shapes and have even been creating our own ‘Pirate Island ‘ treasure maps using given area measurements for certain features as well as including our own. In science we have created collage pictures using everyday materials and showing them to be either insulators or conductors. Finally, in Literacy, we have been reading and discussing the layout of play scripts. This has led on to us writing our own scenes for a short play and acting them out.

February 2nd 2018

Orange Class have been researching information about twoauthors, Jeremy Strong and Anthony Horowitz. We have been looking at the differences between biographies and autobiographies and then writing biographies on our chosen author, thinking about layout, structure and chronological order.
In maths we have been looking at perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes and finding area of rectangles, explaining the processes we use to do this. In science, we are currently looking
at results to discover which materials would be best to line the inside of a lunch box to keep it cool. We are using the words ‘conductors’ and ‘insulators’ to explain our findings.


January 2018

In Orange Class we are learning about the author Jeremy Strong. We have looked at extracts from some of his books and are now comparing his style of writing and use of humour alongside other more traditional tales.
We are trying to use the word ‘stereotype’ in our comparisons.In maths we are looking at square, prime and cubed numbers using a variety of ways to learn the differences.
We have been using counters, multi-link cubes and tables to complete investigations .
Finally, we have just started our new class book, The Chocoplot, by Chris Callaghan. It is very funny and deals
with the possibility that the world is about to run out of chocolate!

September 2017

In Literacy the children have been looking at diary entries , comparing different styles from the comedy of ‘Wimpy Kid’ to the reality of ‘Anne Frank’. This has also been a great link to our World War Two topic.

In maths we have been looking at place value in six and seven digit numbers as well as negative numbers too.

Science this term includes a study of the digestive system and a look at teeth and food chains.

We are enjoying our class story , ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll, an author we met at the Hay Festival last year. This also links with our World War Two project, focussing on evacuees and their adventures in the countryside.