Blue Class (Year 2)

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Blue Class (Year 2) is for children aged 6-7 and is taught by Mrs McCann (mornings) and Mrs Whitesman (afternoons)

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 Curriculum information Blue Class Spring 2018

February 16th 2018

Blue class have been reading and solving riddles over the last two weeks. We examined how a riddle is constructed and then wrote our own. In music the children have really enjoyed listening to the Carnival of The Animals by Saint Saens and have shown some excellent listening skills by identifying instruments and exploring the different moods and effects an orchestra can make.

February 2nd 2018

Blue Class have made a great start to learning about multiplication and division, relating it to ‘lots of’ and making ‘equal groups’ in several different ways. This week we have had a very close look at different kinds of seeds and bulbs cutting them in half and identifying what they are made up of and how they grow. This week we have also welcomed a new member of the class, Daniel, and hope he’ll be very happy here.

January 2018

Blue Class have made a great start to the new year and have come back to school full of energy! We have been happy to welcome a new member of the class, Kim, and hope he’ll be very happy here. Our Topic for this half- term is The Great Fire of London, starting off with finding out about what life was like for Londoners in 1666. We are also basing some of our writing on these events. In Science we are looking at what seeds need to germinate and have set up a test to investigate the best conditions. Our Maths work is on adding two 2-digit numbers using column addition before moving on to multiplication and division.

May 12th 2017







Blue Class have been very busy with their work on habitats and continuing observations on the class tadpoles and their progress into froglets! We have just come back from a great day out at Madley Environmental Centre where we found lots of very interesting pond life and investigated microclimates in the woodland. Our value is Respect this term and we have written letters on behalf of our classroom equipment, asking that we be treated well and used properly!