Green Class (Year 3)

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Green Class (Year 3) is for children aged 7-8 and is taught by Miss Scrivens.

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May 12th 2017

Year 3 have been working on the story ‘Leon and the Place Between’. We have been helping an animation company by providing them with book reviews, and character and setting descriptions to help them decide whether to make it into a film. Now the children are planning and writing their own portal stories in the same style. We have also started to create a wall hanging all about the Creation story – the children have been working hard to cut, sew and decorate a patchwork square each, inspired by one of the seven days of Creation.

A recipe for staying safe online

By Esther (Green Class)

Put a squirt of reliability into your bowl- check three different sources to ensure facts.

Mix in a little bit of accepting- don’t accept messages from strangers you don’t know.

A teaspoon of tell- always tell a trusted adult if something online makes you uncomfortable.

Stir in a bit of typing- always make sure you spell correctly when you are typing in a search. Even a small error can bring up unwanted results.

Never put in a cupful of meeting- don’t meet up with strangers online, only people you know.

Put half a cup of nickname into your bowl and stir it in slowly- never give your full name online. Make up a nickname for yourself instead.

Finally sprinkle in some safety- keep your personal details safe.

Always be safe on the internet!