Yellow Class (Year 4)

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Autumn 2017

This will be an exciting term for KS2 as all the classes are covering the same topic – World War Two, through a child’s perspective. Year 4 and 5 in our class have looked at the reasons for why the war started and have investigated the flags and locations of the many countries involved. The year 4 children are thoroughly enjoying the class book ‘Sophie’s time train’ and our forthcoming ‘Evacuee day’ in November will be a great way to step into the shoes of a child during the 1940s, especially as the children will get the opportunity to dress up and be creative.


Yellow class have been investigating poetry, in particular Haikus – Japanese poems – and Kennings. National Poetry Day has given us the opportunity to share our favourite poems, which the class read beautifully. We will be writing about evacuees and link lots of ideas to our topic.


In maths we are covering place value at the moment and really getting to grips with problem-solving and reasoning about numbers, which is not as easy as it sounds!