Red Class (Year 6)

Welcome to the Red Class (Year 6) page!

Red Class (Year 6) is for children aged 10-11 and is taught by Mrs Gibbs.

Welcome to red class. In the morning 19 year 6 children are taught in red class and 9 year 5 children join them in the afternoon.

 Curriculum Information Red Class Spring 2018

February 16th 2018

Red Class have been writing alternative story endings and learning how to multiply decimals. In art they have been creating pictures inspired by the cacao tree and Kandinsky. In Religious Education they have been discussing why Jesus is inspiring for some people.

February 2nd 2018

In maths we have been busy translating, reflecting and locating coordinates. In English we have been using emotive language and pathetic fallacy in our writing.

January 2018

In Red Class we have been learning how to make persuasive speeches and write persuasive texts. Linked to our topic – chocolate / The Aztecs, Mrs Gibbs has tried to persuade us that all teachers should receive free chocolate and we are trying to persuade her that we should receive a big bar of chocolate! In maths we have been ordering and comparing fractions and have been focussing on explaining our reasoning. We have also started reading The Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan and will look forward to discussing it with year 5 in the future. We look forward to Mr Marshall joining us as a student teacher for the next few weeks.

September 2017

The photos of our class show: Prayer wall, reading area, maths wall and literacy wall, self-portraits in the style of Romero Britto, den building and work inspired by our WW2 topic.


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