Red Class (Year 6)

Welcome to the Red Class (Year 6) page!

Red Class (Year 6) is for children aged 10-11 and is taught by Mrs Buck and Mr Milne.

September 2016
red-class-autumn-2016We hope that everyone had a fantastic summer. We love this term as there is so much going on – new classes, topics and an exciting start to the term with year 6 sketching some amazing portraits and our ‘Roald Dahl’ celebrations. We have chosen ‘The BFG’ (rather appropriate as we are the tallest teachers.)
Our topic this term is investigating ‘The Maya’ and the region of Mesoamerica. We will read creation myths, taste some exotic food and write about travelling through the deepest and darkest rainforests to discover lost tribes.

We’ll also be trying our hand at salsa dancing – any volunteers to show us the steps would be greatly appreciated!

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