PTA Committee

Chairperson: Julie Hurds

Joint Vice-Chair: Gina Borman and Sophie Knight

Secretary: Tracy May

Co-Treasurers: Sarah Powell

Lottery Co-Ordinator: Alyson Layton

Forthcoming PTA Events 2018

PTA update  2018

  • Watch this space!

Useful Links

Just Giving Page

PTA Facebook Page

This is our ‘secret’ Facebook group page to inform parents and carers about PTA events and updates (not school issues). You need to be ‘added’ by an existing member of the group and we currently have over 100 members, but if you’d like to join but are having trouble doing so, please contact us.

PTA Meetings and minutes

PTA MEETING 23.01.19

PTA MEETING 28.11.18

PTA AGM – 08.10.18

PTA MEETING 01.10.18

PTA MEETING 29.08.18

PTA MEETING 03.07.18

PTA MEETING 13.06.18

PTA MEETING 23.05.18

PTA MEETING 02.05.18

PTA MEETING 15.03.18

PTA MEETING 07.03.18

PTA MEETING 31.01.18v2

PTA MEETING 15.0 1.18

PTA MEETING 15.01.18

PTA MEETING 22.11.17

PTA MEETING 30.10.17

PTA AGM – 09.10.17

The minutes of the last PTA AGM meeting –  PTA AGM Meeting MINUTES Jan 2016