Our School

The security of the children whilst at school is taken very seriously. Our school site is entirely surrounded by secure fencing and hedging. The pupil entrance gate is unlocked at 08.40 to allow the children into the playground where they assemble in class order when the bell is rung at 08.50. After the children have entered the school building and any accompanying parents have left, the gate is locked again at 08.50. Any child arriving after this time will need to enter school through the main reception which has an internal security door between reception and the rest of the building.

The pupil entrance gate is unlocked at 15.10 to enable those picking up to wait for the children outside the classrooms. Each class teacher waits and ensures that their class members are met by a known adult. If a child is being picked up by somebody other than his or her parent or usual carer a message with the details needs to be passed to the school secretary who will in turn let the teacher know. No child is permitted to leave the site unaccompanied unless permission has been given to the school by a parent or guardian. Children enter school in the September of the academic year in which they become 5. We offer full time entry from the first full week of term but are happy to accommodate any children part time by prior arrangement. In general we anticipate all children attending full time by the second half term in October/November. Class 1 is for these children who are known as Reception age within the Early Years Foundation stage. Thereafter children are taught in classes of Year 1, 2; 3-4, 4-5, 6. We look at class sizes and structure every year to ensure children are placed in the best class for their needs. This may mean children working with older or younger pupils to meet individual needs.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Class R, taught by Miss Welling, is for children aged 4 – 5, known as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Key Stage 1

Class 1 is taught by Mrs Gooch and is for children aged 5 – 6.

Class 2 is taught by Mrs Richards and is for children aged 6 – 7.

Key Stage 2

Class 3 is taught by Miss Scrivens and is for children aged 7 – 9, combining Years 3 and 4

Class 4 is taught by Mrs Gibbs and is for children aged 8 – 10, combining Years 4 and 5.

Class 5 is taught by Mrs Buck and Mr Milne and is for children aged 10 – 11 (Year 6).

Herefordshire schools key stage 2 results (link to external website).

N.B. The department for education performance data is incorrect for 2012 – accurate information can be found here: KS 2 SATs Results 2012 – Corrected

What our children like about our school:

  • Lunch
  • Playtimes
  • Feeling special
  • PE
  • Special days out
  • Sports day
  • School plays
  • Visitors in Assembly
  • After school clubs
  • Being with their friends
  • Making things in Art and DT
  • Solving problems in maths
  • Helping others
  • Knowing everyone

Older children are eager to help the wider school community by acting as monitors.