St. Mary’s vision is “What we nurture today, flourishes tomorrow.” Within this statement we nurture every aspect of each child – Mind, Body, Spirit and Space, meaning the environment.
We call these our touchstones and school policies reflect these by stating how we nurture each aspect of the children in our care.

The curriculum is the means by which we deliver our vision. All staff and governors at St. Mary’s are passionate about providing a rich and varied curriculum which offers support, enrichment and challenge to learners. To that end we took part in a national research project into Creativity and leaner motivation. As a result, since 2008, our curriculum is planned under 6 areas of learning. These are: Communication, Language and Literacy (including modern languages), Mathematics, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Creative development, Personal and Social development and Physical development. In all classes children’s ideas are discussed and included when topics are planned. Curriculum information is sent to Parents each term.
We are changing to the new National Curriculum in 2014. This is based on the 6 areas of learning we already use at St. Mary’s. From March 2013 St Mary’s uses ReadWrite Inc Phonics as our main resource for teaching reading and writing.

The latest version of our prospectus can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:


Year 1 Literacy Overview

Year 2 Literacy Overview

Years 3 & 4 Literacy Overview

Years 5 & 6 Literacy Overview


Year 1 Maths Overview

Year 2 Maths Overview

Year 3 Maths Overview

Year 4 Maths Overview

Year 5 Maths Overview

Year 6 Maths Overview


EYFS 2015-16 Prime Areas – Long term plan.

EYFS 2015-16 Specific Areas -Long term plan