Assembly and Collective Worship

Assembly and Collective worship underpin the vision we have of nurturing the spiritual dimension of children and adults at school. These are a highlight of our school week.

Our most recent Diocese inspection report states: “ The impact of collective worship on the school community is outstanding.”

Assembly with worship is held every day, led by members of staff and on a termly basis by visitors, such as the Rev. Moore or appropriate charities. Assemblies have a Value theme each month, for example, Justice, Safety, Caring etc. The theme is then followed up in Personal and Social lessons in class.

Each Friday there is a special Good News Assembly when parents and family members are warmly invited to share the celebration of successes. Teachers and teaching assistants nominate a child from each year group for a Good News certificate. This may be for achievement, progress, helping others or showing acts of kindness. Other awards are also presented for swimming, sporting and special events. Children are welcome to bring in certificates for achievements gained outside school to be presented in Assembly. We regularly celebrate Tae Kwondo, gymnastics, music awards and have even presented a Blue Peter Badge on one occasion! We celebrate Birthdays and invite family members to share in these.

At Harvest, Christmas, Easter and in July we hold services in St. Mary’s Church. All classes join in marking these important times in the Christian and our school calendar.