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Orange class – Summer term  Home learning

Summer Term Learning Grid

Orange class has been very busy with some fantastic writing based on our latest book, ‘The Nowhere Emporium,’ by Ross MacKenzie. In the book, the main character discovers lots of fantastic wonders,

when he opens each door in the Emporium. What would you write about this room?


Esme, Ben, Taylor, Maggie, Josh,  Ethan, Luke and Gabby have been very imaginative.  

Using Seesaw apps.

Esme was showing us how she trains her dog.
Luke read us a tale from David Walliams.
We even received strange greetings from outer space.






Francis Shredder Diagram

Francis designed a shredder

Looking at this design, perhaps Isaac might become an architect. He designed a fantastic addition to his trim trail and his dad built it!

SHREDDER! design concept

Orange class is sorely missed as we all have to self-isolate. However, we are all in regular contact and the children are coping really well. The school is using the app ‘Seesaw’ for staff to post work to help the children and for children to post work back if they choose to share it. Thank you to all the parents, families, and staff supporting each other in this difficult time. Have a look at what Isaac, Francis and Maggie have been up to


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Year 5 Practical Ideas

Year 5 & 6 Curriculum Spelling List

Year 5 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Year 5 Home Learning Pack


Spring 2020

This is always a busy and exciting term. The children have really settled into routines, the weather is brightening up and there are lots of things to look forward to.

At the start of this term, Orange class have created fantastic poems and descriptive writing based on ‘The Dreadful Menace,’ a short film clip, which advertised the Winter Olympics, a few years ago. We have started reading our new class book ‘When the mountains roared,’ by Jess Butterworth, which has linked to our geography work perfectly. Orange class have created non-chronological reports about

mountains, Indian leopards and an imaginary place, based on the story setting of HImishal Pradesh in India. Through guided reading, they have discussed a variety of texts in detail. Reading is a key focus this term.

In maths with Ms Tattum, they have been investigating and developing multiplication of 2 digit by 3 digit numbers  and division strategies. With Mrs Buck work has focused on fractions – converting  between mixed numbers and improper, ordering fractions less than 1 and  other yr 5 fraction objectives.

Science and DT have been very active – lthe topic is ‘Living things.’ The children have been designing  and creating homes for hedgehogs. Muffin, our adopted class hedgehog, has already been on many travels with his kind carers. Each child who looks after him is recording what he gets up to.

Tom, from Paces has been keen to get the class working together, using their co-ordination and balance skills. Eventually we will also do a little bit of orienteering. We had a great session on the field, designing sculptures, having looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and  Lorenzo Duran and how they work with the nature around them.

Taylor with her sculpture


displays spring 2020

Luke and Josh created a giant wigwam sculpture
Each week a group of children get the chance to display their own work on the class environment board. These children have already taken part.

Orange Class Autumn Term Curriculum Information 

    November 2019

Orange class have been working really hard this term. We can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner. In history the children have been learning about some key Victorian inventions, such as railway travel, photography and moving images. They have had fun designing simple thaumatropes (see images) and flip books.

In literacy, we have all put pen to paper and written short ‘Penny Dreadfuls,’ full of blood, gore and suspense. In maths we have been working with larger numbers, subtracting, adding and are now investigating square numbers, factors and multiples. We have also been looking at area and perimeter and had fun working out the area and perimeter of our own names. We have now moved onto statistics: following on from line graphs we have started reading and interpreting tables.

In guided reading we are still enjoying Street Child. The children have recently created ‘freeze frames’ of different scenes in the book, which we all really enjoyed.

In science we have completed our investigation into how a parachute works and are now moving on to pulleys, levers and gears. We have nearly completed our ‘Journey into Impressionism’, the children have researched Monet and experimented with different mediums to create artwork inspired by the Impressionist artists. They have experienced being a true Impressionist artist: creating their work outside to ‘capture the light’.

Our RE topic as been looking at Christian views on what it means to believe God is holy. Year 5s have been detectives, investigating ‘The Big Frieze’ – a fantastic piece of artwork depicting the 8 key concepts of Christianity.

It’s been a very busy term!

The children have been following a BBC dance programme, based on the Victorians. This is a scene from ‘Down in the mine.’
Life was very hard for children in the Victorian times.

September 2019

Welcome back to Autumn term and our new classroom. Orange class are excited to be together this year in the Jubilee Room, which has been freshly painted and is already looking bright and colourful.

We are both really looking forward to teaching some new topics. In history we will be looking at the impact that Victorian inventions have had on our lives today. It’s been interesting to see what invention the children think has been the most important – toilet paper? A stamp? The steam train?

Alongside this, we will be reading ‘Cogheart’ and ‘Street Child,’ both Victorian themed stories and linking this to Victorian poetry, limericks and Christmas literature. In DT the class will be designing Christmas cards and in art the children will be journeying into Impressionism and working with watercolours.

This term will be busy in maths. We will be consolidating our knowledge of place value of larger numbers, Roman numerals, negative numbers, perimeter and area. In science its all about forces and magnets.

RE is all about what our impressions of God are – how well do we know him? Through circle time we will also investigate our ‘Fruits of the spirit.’

With theatre visits, a production of Oliver Twist and a film, it looks like its going to be a very busy term.