Orange Class (Year 5)

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Welcome back to Autumn term and our new classroom. Orange class are excited to be together this year in the Jubilee Room, which has been freshly painted and is already looking bright and colourful.

We are both really looking forward to teaching some new topics. In history we will be looking at the impact that Victorian inventions have had on our lives today. It’s been interesting to see what invention the children think has been the most important – toilet paper? A stamp? The steam train?

Alongside this, we will be reading ‘Cogheart’ and ‘Street Child,’ both Victorian themed stories and linking this to Victorian poetry, limericks and Christmas literature. In DT the class will be designing Christmas cards and in art the children will be journeying into Impressionism and working with watercolours.

This term will be busy in maths. We will be consolidating our knowledge of place value of larger numbers, Roman numerals, negative numbers, perimeter and area. In science its all about forces and magnets.

RE is all about what our impressions of God are – how well do we know him? Through circle time we will also investigate our ‘Fruits of the spirit.’

With theatre visits, a production of Oliver Twist and a film, it looks like its going to be a very busy term.

Orange Class Autumn Term Curriculum Information