Orange Class (Year 5)

Welcome to the Orange Class (Year 5) page!

Welcome to Orange class. In the morning the year 5 children are taught
by Mrs Buck and Mr Milne
curriculum information year 5 Autumn 2018

Orange class have had an exciting start to the term. A strange mummy and sarcophagus appeared one morning, which has caused great curiosity. As we are studying the Egyptians we will definitely have to discover more about mummification. The class have been making pharaoh’s hats using oil pastels and are now in the process of designing a cartouche to make in clay this term.

In RE the children have created beautiful, natural images for our stained glass windows, which are beautiful in the sunlight; in maths we have been ordering and rounding numbers up to a million; in literacy we have started our class book ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ and written letters from Professor Selim. (He blew up and left his feet behind!) We are also working at improving our sentences using fronted adverbials, conjunctions and more effective punctuation.

You might hear ‘Mamma Mia’ being sung in the playground – we have started a new music scheme, which looks like it will be great fun. This is alongside ‘Go Noodle’ sessions, which improve co-ordination, fitness and the ability to sing daft songs.  It has been a busy start to term and with so many forthcoming events such as school discos, Remembrance Day, theatre visits and performances it will go quickly.