Indigo Class (Year 1)

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Indigo Class (Year 1) is for children aged 5-6 and is taught by Mrs Gooch.

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Curriculum Information Year 1 Autumn 2019


October 1st 2019

Welcome back to a new school year!

The children have settled into life in Year One really well.

We have been learning about using capital letters and full stops correctly in Literacy and about the greater than, less than and equal to signs in Maths. In Science we have been labelling the main external parts of animal bodies including humans. We have been learning about the symbols associated with Christianity and Judaism. We have also been learning about the countries than make up the UK. The children have really enjoyed instructing the ‘Beebots’ (programmable toys) to move forwards, backwards and to turn. We have been looking at some of Paul Klee’s paintings and have been improving our throwing and catching skills in PE. Our Growth Mindset work has focused on understanding that we need to find some things a little difficult in order for us to learn. We know that if we keep trying hard, and don’t give up, we will probably get there in the end.

For more details on what we will be doing this term, please look at the Curriculum Information link above.