Yellow Class (Year 4)

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November 2019

Yellow Class have been reading The Iron Man as part of our whole class guided reading sessions. As well as reading the book, we have also written diary accounts, created our own conversations between the characters and even designed our own menus for the Iron Man, with delicious meals from the scrapyard !

In maths we have been looking at column subtraction and how to check these using the inverse. We have also looked at estimating numbers to give an approximate answer and discussing how we might use this skill in real life.

In science we have been thinking about how sound is made and how we hear sounds through our ears. We made models of our ears using play dough and labelled the different sections.

In our topic on Vikings we have been learning about Ethelred and how he introduced ‘Danegeld’ to pay off the Vikings and stop them from attacking. We looked at a poem written about this by Rudyard Kipling and performed it  outside , role playing the different parts.

Finally, we have started reading ‘A Boy Called Christmas’ as our class book. It is a personal favourite of mine and it is definitely getting us all in the Christmas mood !



Yellow Class Curriculum Information Autumn 2019

Welcome back to a new school year !

We are looking forward to lots of exciting topics in Year 4, beginning with Anglo – Saxons, Scots and Vikings this term. This topic will include making Viking Longboats, shields and jewellery and  learning a Viking dance ! Also linked to this topic, we are reading ‘Beowulf’ in English , building towards writing our own ‘hero myth’.

In maths we shall be focussing on times tables , place value and  number as well as ‘electricity’ and ‘sound’ in science.

RE and Music will be taught by Mr Milne in Yellow Class this year on Wednesday afternoons.

Our value this month is ‘Kindness’ and the children have written and decorated some kindness cards which we will send to the residents of Brockhampton Court Nursing Home . We hope we receive a reply !

For more details on what we will be doing this term, please look at the link above on Curriculum Information.