Red Class (Year 6)

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Red Class (Year 6) is for children aged 10-11 and is taught by Mrs Gibbs.

Welcome to red class.

A message for Year 6 Leavers 2020 from the staff

Curriculum Info Year 6 Autumn 2019

Curriculum Info Year 6 Spring 2020

Summer Term Home Learning

Below is the overview of home learning activities for the summer term. Most of the activities will be available on Seesaw and you will be emailed weekly with a suggested timetable.

Summer Term Learning Grid

What have Red Class been doing at home?

Have a look at some of our photos:

June 2020

We have all worked together in school to produce this piece of artwork. Using light and dark colours our squares joined together to make a picture of Nelson Mandela.

The children at home have also been producing some amazing art work.








11.05.20 – Alternative SATs week.

This week should have been SATs week for year 6. As well as marking some silly SATs papers the children have been doing some alternative SATs activities.

SATs – Shade And Tone

The children were challenged to create some colour wheels from objects found around their home.

SATs – Sketch A Toon

The children were challenged to draw cartoons of their favourite cartoon characters.

SATs – Serve A Tea

Children were challenged to make and serve afternoon tea or a meal for their family.

SATs – Short And Tall

Children were challenged to send in picture of models they had been creating both short and tall!

SATs – Sit And Talk

Children were encouraged to sit and talk with their families about their hopes, dreams and wishes for the future or to make a jar or box to put their hopes, dreams and wishes in.

Other activities included:

SATs – Shake A Tail feather (a dance)

SATs – Sing A Tune

SATS – Sit And Take Turns (play board games)

VE Day 2020

Designing medals:



Making Spitfires:

The Great Red Class Bake Off



Gardens On A Plate

Positivity Posters

Art Work – look at all of this amazing art work. Lots of children have been looking at the theme of nature and some have looked at Georgia O’ Keefe’s work. Some children have been coming up with their own ideas and creations.


Lighthouse Story

Story boards

Science – Photosynthesis



Practical skills

Book Reviews

Spring Term Home Learning

Home Learning – choose activities from the menu below. You will also receive information by email and on Seesaw.

Year 6 Home Learning Red Class – Spring Term

Courtney used papier mache to make an oracle bone.

March 2020

Over the last few weeks, Mr Merrick from Bishop’s has been working with Red Class to develop our descriptive writing skills. We have really enjoyed writing descriptions based on pictures and using a pan and zoom approach. For World book Day Red Class enjoyed reading ‘The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore’ and watching the animated film based on the book.

In maths we have been looking at coordinates in all 4 quadrants and translating and reflecting shapes. We have also been looking at how to convert fractions into decimals and percentages.

We have really enjoyed working with Wyldwood and Brockhampton Court. We have developed stories (based on puppets that we have made in previous sessions) to share with the residents and some of them have been filmed so that they can be enjoyed whilst we are unable to visit Brockhampton Court.

In History we have continued to study the Shang Dynasty and have been learning about the social hierachy, gods and religion and artefacts.

We have also been talking about well-being and social media. We enjoyed developing an action plan to support a young person’s well-being which included planning a balance of activities both online and offline.


January 2020

In Red Class we started the year by talking about growth mindset and how the challenges in learning can be likened to valleys and peaks on mountains. We have drawn and annotated our own peak to peaks.

We have also been thinking about love and linked Corinthians 13: 4-8 to how we see love at St. Mary’s on a daily basis.

We have started our class story Skellig by David Almond. This book is linked to our science topic on evolution which we started before Christmas. We have also been writing stories linked to Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo.

In maths we have been looking at comparing and ordering fractions and we will continue with this topic by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

In P.E. we have started to develop dances based on the theme of electricity and we are also working on our hockey skills.

To support Jackie with our new recycling project in school, we have really enjoyed designing posters and we are carrying on this environmental theme by writing raps based on environmental issues in music.

December 2020

STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Reflect) with PC Anna. Training about making sensible choices around drugs and alcohol.

Outdoor Activity Day – making bird feeders, building giant bird nests, a woodland walk and toasting marshmallows!

November 2019

At the beginning of November, most of the children in Red Class completed their level 2 Bikeability training and are now equipped to ride their bikes safely on the road. The children also really enjoyed showing prospective parents around during our open day. We have been really busy expressing our ideas about “peace” and “the fruits of the spirit” through our artwork. I hope you enjoy our displays in the main entrance and in the snug. In maths we have been looking at factors, multiples, square, cube and prime numbers. In English we have been writing flashback stories based on a short video clip called The Piano by Aidan Gibbons. In science we have started to learn about evolution. Last week the cancelled football tournament did not stop us and ten of the boys enjoyed an afternoon of 5-a-side football with Mr Hewitt as referee. The rest of us enjoyed an afternoon of outdoor learning with year 3. Our starting point was artwork by Andy Goldsworthy and the children were busy all afternoon creating wonderful sculptures and designs. This week we also enjoyed a dance lesson with Sophie Featherstone where we developed dances based on the cards in the Alice in Wonderland film.

Trees for Red Class – Morgan Trees

October 2019

The children in Red Class have settled in really well and are taking their prefect roles very seriously. It has been lovely to see some of the year 6 children offering to help in the lunch hall and planning their own assembly. In maths we have been working on negative numbers, addition, subtraction and long and short multiplication. In English we have become immersed in our class story “Wonder” and the issues which it raises and have done some writing based on a video called Little Freak on The Literacy Shed. In computing we have been learning how to use HTML and in art we have been sketching. Our geography work has taken us to North and South America and in science we have been learning all about the heart and how it works. In R.E. we have been discussing the big question: Why do some people believe god exists? In French we have been practising our numbers! We have also been working on an intergenerational project with Wyldwood Arts and have really enjoyed visiting Brockhampton Court where we have designed and made puppets with the help of some of the residents.

Our prayer area reminds us of the fruit of the spirit and which one we are focusing on this month.
We painted fruits of the spirit pebbles.
Look at all the books we have to choose from in our cosy book corner!



Our paintings are inspired by the front cover of Wonder by R.J. Palacio and display words which describe us.

We have been sketching and learning about shape, line and tone.

We have been learning about one point perspective and created pictures inspired by the parable of the sower.