Mr T. Milne - Headteacher (RE/PHSE, Worship, Child Protection, Red Class Teacher 1 Day Per Week)
Mr T. Milne – Headteacher (RE/PHSE, Worship, Child Protection, Red Class Teacher 1 Day Per Week)

Tim Milne – Headteacher
I am delighted to have been appointed as Headteacher here at St. Mary’s from the beginning of the summer term 2014. It is lovely to be here, and I have received a very warm welcome from everyone at the school. I am very much looking forward to working with the governors here at Fownhope to lead the school into an exciting and fulfilling future.

Away from school, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter. My hobbies include running, music and theatre. I have been a member of Hereford Musical Theatre Company for many years and have performed in several amateur productions at the Courtyard in Hereford, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

The Governing Body plays an ever-increasing role in the life and operation of the school, and I look forward to working with the governors to ensure that we continue to offer the best possible provision for each and every child in our care.

Alice Hayter – Foundation Governor and Co Chair
I was appointed to the Governing Bodalice-hayter-governor-copyy in 2016. As a Foundation Governor, I look forward to building even stronger links between the church and the school. Principally, I am responsible for overseeing the maintenance and improvement of the school property, reporting to the Finance and Resources Committee. I am delighted to be able to help with the continuing development of the thriving school that is St Mary’s.

I am a Chartered Surveyor with 20 years’ experience in rural estate management, including residential, commercial and agricultural property.  Currently, I am working from home and helping my husband, Andrew, with his building business.  I enjoy spending more time with our two children, who are both very happy at St Mary’s.   

I grew up in rural North Yorkshire and we have been in Herefordshire for the last 15 years.  As a family, we enjoy spending time outside, whatever the weather.  We like growing things and making things.   Our dogs like taking us for walks and bike rides.  We also love water and we try to spend our holidays on Scottish beaches or messing about in boats.   

Sarah Fishbourne – Foundation Governor and Co-Chair
I am quite new as a Governor as I only joined the Governing body in 2015, when my daughter Lilly started school. I work as a freelance researcher and consultant and work mostly with charities and the public sector. I have worked with schools in the past and felt that I had some relevant skills to offer the school and so was keen to get involved. I’ve really enjoyed my first year as Governor and Lilly’s first year at school. I can see that everyone involved with the school really cares about the children’s welfare and of course their education and as a Mother I really appreciate that.
I have lived on Common Hill, just outside of the village, for the last 12 years, however until recent years I spent a lot of time travelling and commuting so it has only been through Lilly starting school and becoming a Governor that I have finally got to know my local community better! As a family we really appreciate and enjoy the natural environment – we live in such a beautiful part of the world. I look forward to Lilly’s education at St Mary’s and to contributing to the schools governance and in particular financial management over the coming years.

Helen Seaborne – Parent Governor
I have recently joined the Governing Body, in 2016, as a Parent Governor but have had a child attend St Mary’s for the last 12 years, firstly through pre-school and then all 3 children have attended the primary school. My oldest is now at St. Mary’s R.C secondary but Caspar is now in Year 6 and Rufus in Year 3. Over the years I have witnessed many changes to the school, most noticeably the size in numbers increasing by over 60%. As a busy working parent I actively use the wrap around care facilities offered. Breakfast Club is my life saver! I am secure in the knowledge that both boys are very happy to leave the comfort of their home each day to attend school.

Although I am a qualified Key Stage 2 primary school teacher I have worked for the last 16 years as a Company Director of a successful family event bar business. As a small business my role encompasses many responsibilities such as Business planning, negotiating large contracts, budgeting, marketing, branding and HR. I am looking to utilise my business skills to help the governing body with decisions, which I am already realising there are lots to be made.


On a personal note, I am very much a proud Herefordian, married to Graham, a local farmer. We have lived in Fownhope for the last 14 years and have chosen the village location to raise our family. You may see me at Wye Leisure frantically swimming late into the evening. My down time is usually spent ferrying the boys to various sporting activities or to Woolhope Young Farmers meetings. Any remaining spare time is spent trying to read a good book or relaxing down in Cornwall.

morrison-sellar-governorMorrison Sellar – Local Authority Governor
Morrison’s grandchildren, Anna and David Williams, have been St Mary’s pupils. Anna moved on to St Mary’s Lugwardine some years ago and David followed in 2015.

Morrison is a retired electronics engineer, working many years for a large multi-national company. His involvement with St Mary’s has also been through the Playgroup, where he became treasurer in 2002, and because of these links with the Playgroup he became a governor in 2008. In 2015 the Preschool Playgroup became fully integrated into the school.

Since 2009 Morrison has been a tutor for an After School Club, “Imagineering”, which allows him to pass on his enthusiasm for engineering to a small group of year 6 pupils every year.

Chris Moore – Foundation Governor
I am the Rector of Fownhope, and have been a governor of the school since 2011. Although all my teaching experience is in higher education, I have five sons and this has given me a real desire to fire up the imaginations of children and to communicate the excitement of Christianity.

Before working for the church, I was a Chartered Surveyor and Mary, my wife, was a primary school teacher.

Jaine Yule  – Foundation Governor
I have been a Governor for 12 years, starting as a parent governor shortly after my older son started school and during this time I spent four years as Chair. (I am now a foundation governor, although these changes don’t affect my role. All of us, regardless of our route to the table, have equal weight in making decisions.)

Re-reading my opening sentence gave me a bit of a shock, because it sounds like quite a long time! And although it has passed quickly, stopping to reflect has been thought provoking. I have seen many changes: we have appointed a new head teacher and several new class teachers, got bigger, built a new classroom and seen governors come and go. But there is a constant theme in school life, which is the commitment of school leaders to looking forward and striving to give our pupils a great education and provide a happy environment for learning.

I have two boys, now aged 16 and 14, who were pupils at pre-school and school here and now attend Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoat School; I live in Fownhope and have a professional background in school finance. My husband and I run a solar pv business together, which is where I now work, doing most office based jobs. (I don’t get up on roofs!)

Alison Baldwin – Associate Governor
I joined the Governing body in September 2017 as an associate governor. I took early retirement from local government in 2011, where I was the Corporate HR Manager.  I have worked in both the private and public sector, with over 25 years in HR. 

I worked with Elected Members, Chief Executive, Directors, Senior Managers and staff/trade unions to ensure that the workforce was well trained, motivated and rewarded.
Part of my role involved training managers and staff.  In my spare time I have tutored adults in various craft activities, so although I don’t have children, I am used to the ‘learning environment’.

I have attended various events at St Mary’s and as Tim was aware of my background, was asked to be an Associate Governor.

Andrew Venables – Associate Governor

Sian Nunn – Associate Governor
I currently have 2 boys at the school and 2 older boys who were former pupils. I have been involved in helping at the school for the last 7 years both on the PTA Committee and in other volunteer roles. I work as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist at the Kite Centre in Hereford working with children in schools and the home environment. I am very interested in the development and progress of the school and am pleased to take a more formal role in this, as well as continuing to take part in day to day school activities.

mark-cooper-governorMark Cooper – Foundation Governor
‘Mark and his family have lived in Fownhope since 2011. Rather than having one main job, Mark enjoys having a ‘work portfolio’ that includes landscape gardening, outdoor instructor, expedition leader, ASDAN moderator and Firefighter. Variety is the spice of life!

He is particularly interested in supporting areas that involve young people, so he is on the ‘Fownhope Field and Recreation Association’ committee, and for the last three years has launched and run ‘Mark’s Adventure Club’, a group aimed at 9-14 year olds that meet monthly and have good old fashioned outdoor fun, be it overnight camping in the woods, filleting fish or building 15 foot high catapults.

When Mark was asked to become a school governor, he was more than delighted to say yes, especially as he has a young daughter that he hopes will go to the school in a year or so. As Mark has outdoor bushcraft experience, he is planning to be involved with the St Mary’s Forestry school.’

Amanda Gunn – Foundation Governor
I have lived in Woolhope for 30+ years. I enjoyed working as the school secretary for the Rudolph Steiner School which included a wide range of responsibilities. My other jobs are too varied to be mentioned here. As to strengths, I believe I am a good organiser and listener. I am getting to know the children at school through listening to their reading, and it is always an interesting discussion with them before during and after the session. We even sometimes talk about the book! After my husband, my interests and hobbies include sailing, cooking, travel, and watching MotoGP. The family consists of two daughters and I have two grandchildren, one in primary, and one in secondary school. I think the Governing Body do an excellent job now, and look forward to the next few years of creative thinking.