Important Information

Every school has a limit set for admissions during the year in accordance with the Education Reform Act 1988. This is called the planned admissions number (PAN).

St. Mary’s CE Primary School has mostly single-year classes therefore classes may accommodate children over PAN if this would not adversely affect the provision for children in the class or in the school as a whole. A KS1 class will not exceed 30 at the beginning of an academic year.

The Local Authority operates a timetabled co-ordinated admissions procedure for all primary schools in line with Government legislation. The LA co-ordinates the admissions process on behalf of the school according to the scheme published in their Admissions Booklet for that year – however, it is still the Governing Body for this school which will allocate the available places in line with this policy.

The parents of each child approaching school age and living in the catchment area will receive an admissions pack from the Local Authority which will contain information about the admission process and the forms that are required to be completed. The information booklet will help you complete the application form and will provide the dates for notification to parents of admission decisions and the closing date for accepting places or for lodging any appeals.

An application from a family with a child who has a statement of special educational needs that names St. Mary’s CE School will be accepted in line with the statutory requirements to do so.

The governing body ranks applicants by the following criteria:

1. Looked after children/children in care

2. Children whose parents make an application on grounds of faith supported by the appropriate Vicar/Rector/Minister of a Church in the Diocese. Faith in this context is defined as being an adherent to the doctrine of the Christian Trinity.

3. Pupils whose home address is within the catchment area of the school as defined by the LA and who have sibling/s in school at the time of entry.

4. Children whose main address is within catchment as defined by the map provided by the LA  Admissions section

5. Children with sibling/s who are in school at the time of the application

6. Children with sibling/s who previously attended St. Mary’s

7. Children who attend Pre-school Playgroup on the school site

8. Children of school or Playgroup staff

9. Children who live outside catchment, ranked by distance /the shortest available walking route to school.

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