First Aid

Our First Aid Team

Our primary first aid team is made up of seven Level 3 qualified paediatric first aiders.

In addition, the majority of our school staff are first aid trained, including teaching and support staff. Where required, staff have received additional training in the use of Epi-Pens and the treatment of anaphylaxis.


Accidents at School

We keep a record of all accidents which require first aid, however as minor bumps and scratches can often occur during a school day we do not inform parents of every single incident.

Major accidents are recorded and parents are informed (often by phone). If we feel that a child needs to go home because of an accident; needs to see a doctor or needs to be checked by the hospital (not as an emergency) or due to sickness we will call primary guardians. If there is a really serious incident we call an ambulance and also the parents.

Head injuries are always reported to parents via a bright red non-removable wristband, which is visible to staff throughout the day and to parents at pick up. This wrist band gives you full details on the symptoms to look out for and when to obtain additional medical guidance. Please remove this carefully and keep for reference.


First Aid Supplies and Medicines

First Aid supplies and medicines are stored in the School Office and are constantly kept well stocked and replaced when stocks run low. Smaller portable first aid bags are taken to events and trips, and onto the playground at playtime.

If your child has any allergies to common medical supplies, e.g. plasters, you are welcome to provide your own and we will not their allergy on our medical database.

All pupils at St Mary’s have easy access to their medication, via the School Office, with medicines being administered under the guidance of a member of staff. Both Mrs Corbet (School Business Manager) and Miss Hunt (Admin Assistant) are specially trained to administer medication. Please be aware that when handing in new medication, you will be asked to complete a medication form including details of dosage and timing. This will be stored securely within your child’s file.

Occasionally, we will administer Calpol, Nurofen or Piriton for minor illnesses. We will always contact you before administering these for consent.


Emergency Contacts

It is vital that we have up to date contact numbers for parents in case we need to contact you because your child is unwell or they have had an accident. In addition to this it is essential that we have an up to date emergency contact number (a neighbour, friend or relative) in case we cannot contact you.