New approach to Parents’ Evening supports busy families

Creche and hot meals keep children content at Parents’ Evening

The Ross Gazette featured St Mary’s Parents evening meals and crèche read the full article here:

A new approach to Parents’ Evening with a crèche and hot meals was a hit at St Mary’s C of E Primary School, Fownhope.

Staff ran a crèche with toys and craft whilst the on-site kitchen served freshly prepared vegan, vegetarian and meat hot meals, snacks and puddings. Families and staff were also welcome to stay and eat together.

“Parents’ Evening can be a strain for busy families, trying to juggle work, meeting teachers and getting children fed and home so we trialled a new approach. Children were cared for by staff and could play, make craft and have a hot meal or snack,” explained head teacher, Mr Milne. “Sometimes you need to step back and take a fresh look. These days families are busy with work and home commitments. We know parents’ evening can be a juggling act so our staff suggested a crèche and our on-site kitchen gives us the flexibility to be able to provide freshly prepared hot meals as well as snacks. I think the staff appreciated the hot meals too.”

“It’s a fantastic idea. My husband and I were able to meet the teachers knowing the children were being cared for. We all stayed for dinner which was delicious. Instead of the usual fraught evening, trying to get back from work and meet the teachers with fractious kids in tow we were relaxed, happy and well fed.” said Tracy May, parent.

“It’s also a great chance for the parents to try the food we provide the children. We refresh the menu regularly and provide vegan as well as vegetarian and meat dishes weekly,” added Klara, who runs the kitchen. “It was really rewarding to see how many families stayed to eat together.”

Main Meals at £1 per portion included lasagne, sausages, chicken curry and rice, sweet and sour chicken and rice and a range of vegan suitable dishes, including vegetable curry and rice, sweet and sour vegetable nuggets and rice and vegetable chilli and rice. Optional side dishes and desserts included wedges at £1 and for 50p carrot and cucumber sticks, ice cream, jelly and cake.