Special day for Fownhope performers

The Ross Gazette reported on the recent dance competition at the Point 4.
Read the article here: http://www.rossgazette.com/article

The Performing Arts Club from St Mary’s Primary School, Fownhope, won second place in PACES’ dance competition at the Point 4.

Eleven schools took part and the theme was ‘Colour’. All 17 children in the club took part, dancing with ribbons and a parachute to the song ‘Brothers Under the Sun ‘ by Bryan Adams.

“The whole day was great fun, with whole group dance sessions led by PACES and photo booth pictures, interviews and filming of the performances;” said Mr Milne, head teacher.
“St. Mary’s were delighted to be awarded second place! A fantastic achievement and certainly a special day that they will never forget. Many thanks to teacher Mrs Harwood who choreographed the dance and accompanied the children to the competition.”